About (New 01/05/2017)

I am a 53 year old married male.  I live in Wichita, Ks and spend most of my time trying to help people become more healthy and fighting my own battle of the bulge!  I have 2 sons, 27 & 25.  I like to play golf, raquetball, fantasy football and spin class.  One of my activities early on was jogging.  It took me 22 months but I went from barely able to walk at 493 pounds to running a half marathon at 200 pounds.  But, after being over 400 pounds for over 20 years, my knees couldn’t take the pounding that came with running.  I transfered all that energy to spin classes!  I did some long distance outdoor cycling and did rides up to 70 miles. In 2012 I lost my job and 2013 lost another.  During this time I also went through that dreaded mid-life crisis and became very unfocused on my health.  You hear those stories so often of people who have lost a lot of weight who put it all back on plus more!  Well, I didn’t but a third of it is more than enough! It is time to get back on track and not let myself get back to where I was in 2008!  I am human and I do make mistakes but that focus that I had the first time has been found again in the form of knowing I want to be able to stay up with the grandchildren and I hate being miserable.  Physically and mentally I have been sick, slow and sluggish.  I miss that energy I used to have, that drive and it’s time to get that back!  Let’s get this done!


  1. WOW! You’ve lost over 200 pounds! I am so proud of you and so are the boys! You really are an inspiration to all of us who have struggled with weight issues. You’ve even got me walking at least 5 times a week – which is quite an accomplishment since I absolutely hate to sweat! We’re with you all the way and love you bunches! :o)

  2. A massive congratulations to you on your phenomenal weightloss!
    I’m about to start WW(again!!) and found your story after googling ‘weight loss success stories’ as I need some inspiration to get me motivated.
    I’m not exactly sure how much I weigh…but would hazard a guess its somewhere in excess of 150kgs. So as you can see I’m gonna need all the inspiration and motivation I can muster with this huge challenge thats ahead of me.
    Wish me luck!
    And once again… ‘CONGRATULATIONS!’

    • YOU CAN do it! If you don’t get the results that you want at WW, try what I did! Medi-Weightloss Clinics has figured it out! Check them out! Good Luck and keep me posted!

  3. Please, please, tell me if you are ever in the Bay Area of California for a Monday morning. I would be beyond honored if you could come speak at my TOPS group. You are an inspiration!!!
    (We’re on LCF together, too. I’m BrandNewMe2004 there.)

    • If I’m ever in the area, I’ll look you up!

  4. You are what others inspire to be. Your page did not load on my first try. I felt deep sadness because I thought your blog was not still up (link from lowcarbfriends) But on the second try it worked and you had made it to yout 300lb GOAL! I was delighted to see your pics. I lost my own weight (only 100 lol) but it never stops. We will need to keep it off forever, and we will succeed!

  5. Thank you so much Mark! ONLY!! 100 pounds is great! I agree, it will be a lifetime of keeping it off……but an enjoyable one now!

  6. Jerome: Geeorge Nambo here. Carmella came across this site a few
    days ago, and we’ve been looking it over. Great stuff here. I saw the pic with us in Nova Scotia, with Carmella and all the bottles in front of her on the table. By the way, I sent a couple of e-mails to you, but not sure your’e e-mail is the same. We have friends whose son is in need of plastic surgery to repair some damage to facial areas from a scooter wreck last year. If you can help with contact info for your Dr. that would be nice, since they are not sure where to find a good reccommended local surgeon. Take care, and good luck on getting ready for your biking tour.

  7. Inspiration! Thank you.

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