Posted by: jbiggars63 | January 31, 2013

Exercise Tips for the Elderly!

When we get older our bodies become frailer and we don’t feel like we want to get out an exercise. However, even with old age we should get out and get our bodies moving to maintain and increase our health. Some people above the age of 60 years old assume that they can’t get into better shape but they are dead wrong.
When we are older our bodies do not recover from physical exhausting as quickly as they once did. If you remember when you were young can notice how resilient you were. You could run for an hour, pump weights or chop wood in your parent’s back yard. To do such actions now would be almost unthinkable.

The truth is that you can do such activities now but you can’t do them as long or as quickly as you once did. It simply takes a lot longer to recover from stress being placed on your body. Therefore you have to slowly increase your physical fitness level over a period of time. PLEASE consult you physician before you start any exercise program!

Good Exercises for Older People:

Walking: Walking is a very good exercise for people at all ages of their lives. Walking can be as easy or as intense as you want it to be. Getting out there 15 minutes at a slow pace can slowly increase to 30 minutes and then up to an hour if you are motivated. Walking is relatively low impact and easy to do.

Modified Push-ups: Even when you are young push-ups can put pressure on your elbows, wrists and lower back. When you’re older you can lie down on your stomach and push your chest up enough to create tension in your arms. You then relax and come back to the ground. Once you have recovered go ahead and do it again. You don’t have to do a complete push up to get the benefits.

Stomach Crunches: Stomach crunches are a really good exercise because your back doesn’t have to leave the ground like a full sit-up. Therefore, you won’t feel any tension on your back. With a crunch you pull your shoulders up enough off of the ground to get an inch of clearance and put them back down. You are still targeting your stomach muscles.

Side Bends: When we get older we start to get those love handles. If you want to get rid of them side bends are helpful. Stand up straight with your feet together and your arms to the side. Slowly slide your right hand down your leg as far as you can so that your torso starts to bend in that direction. Then slowly pull your hand back up and do in on the other side. Keep this up until you start to get tired.

A cooment was left after I posted the article about swimming that wanted to know about tips for the elderly in that area, well here are a few!

Seniors often utilize water exercises since the water has a dual purpose. Water is more buoyant on any achy joints for arthritis and it also provides resistance aside from gravity for strengthening muscles when you get the body moving. All you need is a simple swimming pool for the most popular water exercises that do the most good. Here are some movements that will get your blood pumping if your joints feel older and achy.
Just because you are in the water, that doesn’t mean you should over exert yourself. You should still take it easy and don’t exercise beyond your means. If you get out of breath and need to take a break, by all means just relax your muscles and take it easy. The water will already help keep you cool as opposed to the warmer air.

Water Walk

Simply walking in the water offers more resistance when you lift your legs than normal walking due to the weight of the water. When you swing your arms through the water you add more resistance to your arms as well. Cupping your hands will increase the weight for your arms to move and improve your arm muscles beyond just lifting them when you walk normally. Your hands will push away more water offering better resistance for your forearms and elbow.

Walking in water is ideal if you have shaky legs or stiff joints and there is a fear of falling. If you fall in the water there is a much less chance of getting hurt even though you should still take it easy.

Push Ups

Using the wall of the pool for a push up can be better for your arms than you think. Get in water that goes up to your shoulders and place your hands shoulder width apart against the edge of the pool. Then push your arms up and down like you are doing a normal push up.

The beauty of this exercise is that your entire body weight isn’t being held up by your arms. All you are doing is getting a light workout as you push against the water up against your back. This is a great exercise to get your arms and shoulders moving with little resistance so you can gradually work up your arm strength.

Just For Kicks

You’ve seen little kids with their first swimming lesson that grab on to the edge of the pool, lay with their legs straight out, and kick the water. This elementary movement for swimming lessons is also a great workout for your legs, knees, and hips.

While you don’t need to splash up sea foam with every kick, you can kick along at your own pace according to how your joints and muscles feel. Even if you don’t splash water on the surface, the simple kicking motion will give your entire leg a workout. The beauty of all three of these exercises is that they can be done at your own pace with less risk for injury due to falls since the water will help keep you buoyant.

As with any exercise routine, having a partner with you is helpful in case you need assistance and encouragement. Consult with your physician if you plan on starting a water exercise routine or any physical workout to keep in shape.

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