Posted by: jbiggars63 | November 24, 2012

Give your loved ones a hug today!

During this holiday season, take the time to really spend some time with your loved ones as you never know when you might lose them.  I have several friends who have lost spouses, children, and good friends over the last few weeks and I see the pain that is caused by it!  Don’t put yourself in the “what if” position! What if I had taken an hour out of my Saturday to visit my grandfather or taken my kids to the park and played with them…or just called my Mom to tell her I loved her.  In this day and age when everyone is to busy at work or swamped with some sort of activity, you can find yourself losing track of time and boom, three weeks later you realize you haven’t talked to your parents for a long time!  I know some brothers that don’t talk but once or twice a year!  Me and my brother!  My pre-New Years resolution is to remedy that!  Think about it…is there someone you need to connect to more often?


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