Posted by: jbiggars63 | November 11, 2012

Holiday Hum-Drums….

We are in the time of the year where excuses start to rule lives! Yes, you have either heard or even had these escape through your lips in the past.

I Don’t Have Time

Track your activities for a week and decipher which appointments and time-wasters you can do without. Divide your workout into 10-minute segments three times a day if you have to. A study by the Stanford Medical School showed that this approach works just as well as working out for 30 consecutive minutes.

I Don’t Know How to Work Out

Take a class at your gym, hire a personal trainer, order a fitness DVD online, search YouTube videos or download an app to your iPhone for inspiration.

I Have an Injury

Few injuries will incapacitate your entire body. Use what parts you can until your injury heals and be sure to see a physical therapist if it is not healing properly.

I’ve Been Unsuccessful Before

Empower yourself to lose weight by learning how to exercise and knowing what to eat. Enlist a support group for motivation. Visit LIVESTRONG.COM for information and encouraging articles regarding weight loss.

I’m Too Tired

Working out will improve your sleepiness, says Even a 5- to 10-lb. loss will improve sleep habits and in turn boost your energy levels.

Work is Too Busy

If you travel, be sure to pack your own snacks. Utilize hotel gyms or make up your own bodyweight workout in your hotel room. If you wait for work to slow down, you always will be waiting.

Junk Food is Everywhere

If you are the grocery shopper, simply don’t buy it. If someone else brings it around, avoid the area it’s in or ask the person with it to put it in a non-communal spot. According to an article Jillian Michaels wrote for “Glamour” magazine, support is key. Make sure everyone around you knows your goals.

I Can’t Afford a Gym Membership

You don’t have to: Your own body can offer just as challenging a workout as any machine in the gym. Get outside and walk, jog, run, swim or bike. Perform squats, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, and planks for strength exercises.

It Takes Too Long to Lose Weight

It’s true, weight loss takes a long time, depending on the amount you have to lose. But safe weight loss, according to the Michigan Surgeon General, involves a balanced diet and physical activity. Losing weight is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet.

Don’t get me wrong, because I’m just as guilty. My pants will feel tighter and I’ll see a few extra pounds on the scale. I tell myself it’s bloat or the dryer shrunk my pants. Deep down I know it isn’t true and lying to myself isn’t going to do me any favors.

Here are my top six excuses for not losing weight. Are you guilty of any of these fibs?

Excuse #1: I’m Bloated

For women, this is a common excuse to use during our time of month. Although many of us females gain a couple of pounds because of our periods, it’s just that- a couple.

I’ve also heard men use this excuse. They usually blame it on drinking a few beers.

Excuse #2: I Can’t Lose Weight Because I’m Older Now

The reason our metabolism decreases with age is because we don’t move around as much as we get older. Most of us have desk jobs, come home and sit around the television with our families. A slowing metabolism has to do with a lack of exercise and not with age.

Excuse #3: It’s Hereditary so I Can’t Help It

It may be a bit more challenging for a person who comes from a family that has a history of obesity. You shouldn’t feel doomed to be overweight for the rest of your life because of it. If you work out and eat right. Your metabolism will stay high.

Excuse #4: I Don’t Have Time to Eat Right or Exercise

Little changes make a big difference. Make sure to subtract an unhealthy item from each meal and add a piece of fruit or veggie in place of it. Walk on your lunch break, play with your pets or with your children. It may not happen overnight, but the weight will slowly start to come off when you make healthier choices.

Excuse #5: The Dryer Shrunk My Clothes!

Haha, this is my favorite excuse! If you really think your dryer is to blame, try on your other clothes to see if they still fit and get on the scale. Sometimes the dryer really is the culprit, but most of the time, it is just easier to blame the dryer!

Excuse #6: The Scale is Off

Sure, this one could actually be true. Most scales are off by a few pounds. Tape measures never lie. If you really think the scale is off get out your tape measure and check your measurements.

If Nothing Works

A family member of mine was severely obese and nothing helped him lose weight until he started seeing his doctor. If this is the case, it is quite possible you may have a health issue that may be preventing you from losing weight. See your doctor and have him or her run some tests.

We should all try to stay within our weight range. Even a few pounds over is still okay since we all have different body types. Not only will we look our best, we will feel our best and will be less prone to health issues. So let’s stop making excuses and get healthy!

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