Posted by: jbiggars63 | September 22, 2012

LOTS of stuff already this morning!

Got a spin class in and getting ready to go for a walk and it is just 10am on a Saturday!  After our hour spin class and the hardest track, I took my pulse and it was 170.  One minute later it was already down to between 90 and 100 beats per minute!  How do you roughly figure your heart rate?  Get your pulse at your neck and find a clock with a second hand and count your pulse for 6 seconds and add a zero to it.  If you count 14, then your heart rate is 140!  After class, I had to go to Target to get some stuff and passed by this scene!

I thought to myself, we can be old but still look and feel great!  Don’t put me in the junk yard yet! 🙂  6 months to 50!  Isn’t that the new 30! 😉  So, let’s get out there and MOVE!!!!


  1. Such a great attitude! I love it!

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