Posted by: jbiggars63 | June 13, 2012

Sharing some heart warming notes!

Hi Jerome,
I saw your pic in the MEDI clinic magazine. Your story
really is inspiring. I know that I have missed a lot of important
moments due to being over weight. In my case it was different, because
I was there; however, my thoughts were so consumed with embarrassment
and guilt over my appearance that I missed out on the joy that those
special moments should have given me.
I truly admire you and your wife for working as a team to overcome
food addiction… I think I’ve come upon a plateau in my weight loss
journey (-54 lbs). This is where it’s always been difficult for me in
the past. Once I reach the 160’s my weight likes to hover, even as a
teenager, I don’t remember weighing less than 160lbs. I’m finally in a
size 12 which is considered average, but I know I’m capable of losing
more. I’m using you as inspiration to do even more exercise, trying
to push myself beyond what I think I can do, and challenge myself to
be surprised! Thanks a bunch for sharing your story… In this epidemic
of obesity.. it’s lovely to see someone be successful at gaining
control of their wants vs. needs. Thanks for friending me! xoxoxoxo



I was inspired by both if you! I wouldn’t say I’ve had a great
loss yet but today I’m down 28.4 lbs in 8 weeks! I talked to my
coworker Tracey about the success you and shawna had and she joined
and in turned signed her college age daughter in Texas up!
I started my 5k training program last week so I’m excited to see the
progress of running and entire race! In the past I could finish a 5k
by walking and now I know I will be able to run the whole thing!


When I saw you poster in the office, i thought yet right but
then i got a response from you on fb and after friending you and
seeing your pics I have gotten more motivated to lose 100 lbs ive lose
21.6 lbs so far..You inspire me every time i think this is too hard I
think of where you were and how you look today and I know i can do it
Once again thank you so much..

Same person later on in the month
Jerome: I am so pumped . i have lost 58 lbs 48 of those were medi
weight loss. this past week was weird i lost 7lbs of fat no
calories..then i found out my thyroids are going ballistic a game
of give and take. anyway i am messaging you because i want to know
what type of surgery you are having for the excess skin that one has
when losing weight.. i wouldn’t know where to begin i am just
exploring tight now and want to go in. can you help lead me in the
right direction? I admire you for reaching that goal….thanks

This is why I do what I do!  To see and be able to help others achieve goals…..spectacular! 🙂


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