Posted by: jbiggars63 | April 28, 2012

Back from Boston!

Had a really good time in the Boston area visiting with a clinic, a few patients and some area companies about corporate wellness!  Shared my story with a bunch of people going to and from and loved every minute of it!  Kim, the owner of the clinics in the area, is a heck of a gal and reminds me a lot of my sister in-law Connie!  I thought there could only be one of her! LOL!  Here are a few pictures from a wonderful trip!

Cezanne Macary success story, one of many in the Boston area!  She also influenced several of her friends to join who also are doing well!

Had a chance to visit the constitution.  Saw it when I was 18 but that was only 31 years ago! LOL!

Downtown Boston.  Almost had a shot of the original Cheers bar but a bus pulled in front of us as a policeman honked his fancy horn at us.

Clinic award dinner at Legals Seafood.  YUMMY!  Todd called this picture ladies night but someone else posted it looked more like the last supper!  LOL!

Had my first clam and did it man style! 🙂  It was actually not bad!


Thanks Kim, Rhandi, Todd, and Medi-Weightloss Clinics for having me come to help with the wellness fair!  If you are having success following the Medi plan, let your employer know that we have several programs set-up for them to take advantage of to either begin a wellness program or to enhance what they already have in place!  It could save you a little money!  That is always good!


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