Posted by: jbiggars63 | March 29, 2012

Spin Class and Peddlin’-4-A-Cure

I have received some notes from folks wanting more info on the bike event in Monroeville, Alabama!  The 60 mile long ride will be Friday, April 6th and some info can be found HERE.  It seems to be a hard proposition to find anything else out there about it but I have a couple of people working on it and when I know something, I will post it!

Just some more info on my 3rd long bike ride yesterday!  51 miles in 3 hours, and 7 minutes.  Average cadence was 65 – 80 per minute. Average speed was 16.5 mph with a max of 29.5 mph.  Faced a head or side wind of 15-20 mph 70% of the ride and my average heart rate was 146 bpm with a max of 172 bpm. I burned 1,957 calories!  Yowza!

Any, most of you know I love my spin classes!  Most gyms offer these classes and I encourage you to try them.  They burn the calories while also being very low impact! HERE is a sample video of what they are like! The CBS affiliate in Dallas just ran a piece talking about spin that you may find interesting too! Here is their piece!  Try it sometime!  It is a blast!

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