Posted by: jbiggars63 | January 25, 2012

Pumping it up a bit! Know your feet!

Ran a 12 minute mile today followed by 25 minute 2 miler an hour later.  Feeling good!  Remember, shoes are an important tool when it comes to running!  Knowing your feet and how you run determine what kind of shoes you need!  Find a good runners store in your area and the salesperson there can watch your stride and determine if you pronate or over pronate or have a normal or over stride and can suggest you get a certain kind of shoe. There are three different kinds of feet!  If your flat-footed, you most likely over-pronate so you would be looking for a stability or motion control kind of shoe. If you have a high arch, then you probably under pronate and will be looking for a flexible or cushioned shoe.  If your foot is normal or neutral, then you don’t want a stability or motion control shoe! Again, a good salesperson will be able to help you discover your type of foot!  I am a slight over pronater so I run in Asics Kayanos!  Asics GT2170’s, Brooks Beast and Brooks Adrenaline are great ones too! Be sure to stretch a bit before and after your run to prevent injuries!  Good Luck!


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