Posted by: jbiggars63 | January 23, 2012

Fats: Not the Bad Guy Anymore!

After years of having it drilled into our heads that fat was the culprit in our battle with obesity, we are learning that the culprit is sugar aka carbohydrates.  Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of “The New Atkins for the New You” states that the human body is a very efficient machine that will burn either carbs or fats.  Carbs are nothing but sugars in the body’s view so if we cut down on the number of carbs we take in and switch that mechanism  to fat burning, soon the body will see that it has a storage of fat to burn and bingo, you are never hungry! He says you must eat fat to burn fat as it primers the body to burn it! Fredrick Hahn, who wrote  “Serious Strength and Slow Burn Fitness Revolution”, also agrees that fat isn’t the bad guy! ” Fat is good. Sugar is bad. ” is my favorite FB quote from him so far! I used to count fats but not anymore.  Something else I learned over the weekend, if you are following a low carb diet and slip up and overdo it, it takes three days of strict diet before you get back into ketosis.  So if your slipping up on Wednesdays and Saturdays but the rest of the week you are dead on, well, your not really following the diet are you?  Just something to think about!  Here is a link to a very informative video about low carb dieting you may like!


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