Posted by: jbiggars63 | January 17, 2012

Support – Another Key to Success!

I think having some kind of support on your weight loss journey is vital!  Whether that support comes from a best friend or spouse taking the journey with you or finding a group of people to work with.  I run  a support group meeting at the clinic that I attend in Andover, Ks as well as one for the teachers of the Wichita School District.  I feel this forum and my facebook is a form of support too!  I get support from the staff at the clinic during my visits and my co-workers, friends, and workout buddies were all there for me!  Other places you can find support would be TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), and Low Carb Friends website.  There is actually a Medi-Weightloss Clinics thread going that you can talk to other Medi patients around the country.  Medi-Weightloss Clinics also has a facebook page!  I hope this helps!  Have a great week everyone!  BTW, I got in a spin class, 30 minutes elliptical, and weight training yesterday.  Running a mile today!

Mid-day update:

Whew…no more walk/jog….just did 2 miles non-stop although it was slow (mile 1 = 4mph or 15 minutes, mile 2 = 4.5mph or 14 minutes). Getting ready for a 5k in Irving, Texas, March 24th for the Make-a-Wish Foundation! My best 5k time is 31:23. I want to try and break it and I haven’t ran any races in over a year so gotta hit it hard!

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