Posted by: jbiggars63 | January 13, 2012

Burning Calories

I got up early this morning to get spin class in from 6am to 7am burning 407 calories. Then on the drive home I burned another 13.5 calories yelling at my radio!

Why do I listen to some of these shows?!? After spin class this morning, as I was driving home, Kid Kraddick was on talking about how great Big Al was for losing 12 pounds. Not a problem…but then they all proceeded to put down low carb dieting, specifically Atkins. They pointed out that they knew a girl that went on a low carb diet and lost a bunch of weight but then she gained it all back (probably because she returned to her old, bad eating habits or something medical happened).I also wonder how much of that 12 pounds is water and muscle loss based on the fact that it sounds like his diet is nothing from his norm, just smaller portions and he is taking a fat burner.

Has anyone checked out the new Atkins book? My Doctor says it is very good reading!  Some very current studies on low carb and good guidelines for weight loss can be found in it!



  1. I was listening to that too, and I was frustrated by what they were saying! Let’s not knock a lifestyle change just because it didn’t work for “this one girl I know.” 🙂 Happy Friday!

  2. I find it interesting when people ask how I have lost so much weight, and I begin to tell them what has worked for me, they are quick to tell me “what they heard” about low carb/higher protein diets. I have also found they are quick to end the discussion (probably because they don’t know anything else on the subject). I like to throw my last bit of information in at the end, “Clearly what I (WAS) doing wasn’t working or right, and making this lifestyle change has done amazing things for me.” I also like to point out that I am happier, healthier, and know I can go on the rest of my life with better eating habits that I would not have been to do without going this route. 🙂

    • Yes! So true! In fact, this morning I had posted a comment on my facebook about this and I got several people saying how bad low carb is and how you don’t have any energy and that, I won’t name the commercial weight loss place but, how this company teaches you how to live a new lifestyle and that diets don’t work. Well, I agree, diets don’t work but we were taught a new lifestyle and we are following it! That is why we are so successful at weight loss! Thanks for your comment Jennifer!

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