Posted by: jbiggars63 | January 11, 2012

Sugar Alcohol update

Well, the one thing I learn in this business is that things are always changing!  New research, medications, and studies continue to mold the world as we, the folks trying to lose weight, follow along!  Previously, we had to count half of our sugar alcohols as carbs but a new study states that you can subtract all sugar alcohols along with fibers to get your effective carb count.  Yippee!!!!  Just last night I told some people the old way so I hope they continue to check in here to find this update!  If you need proof of how well a low carb diet works, here is a link to an article on a study that is amazing!  This guy also has some other very interesting articles like Cravings: Why They Strike, How to Curb Them, Green Tea Extract and Weight Loss, and Three Great Ways to Make a Protein Shake .




  1. THANK GOODNESS! I thought after last night’s meeting that I was going to have to refigure EVERYTHING! 🙂 SO glad to hear this!

  2. Where is a reference to the Sugar Alcohol Artice you referenced.

    • explains it a little and my doctor said the convention she went to this past fall had another doc there showing results of some studies proving it. The new Atkins diet book explains it too, I guess. I haven’t got it yet but plan on it soon! Looked for it this weekend but couldn’t find it.

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