Posted by: jbiggars63 | November 16, 2011

How to Avoid Holiday Overeating

As the holiday season nears, so does the typical holiday indulgences and feasts!  Those holiday feasts with family, friends and even co-workers along with those friendly folks that bring fudge and Christmas cookies to work to share are about to begin.  In the spirit of meteorology, instead of a severe thunderstorm watch, we are in a severe weight gain watch!  Here are a few ideas that might help you get through your holiday season!  I hope these will help you, at least maintain this year!

1) Serve yourself:  Politely insist on serving yourself. Take very small portions, eat slowly, and pay close attention to taste and cues of becoming full. Enjoy seconds or thirds of what you love, but keep the portions small and don’t feel guilty for leaving out what’s less than delicious. Leftovers are either wasted in the garbage or wasted on your body, and the former is much less fattening!

2) Experiment!: Allow yourself to have anything and everything you want to eat, but become a fabulous food manager. Food may not make you fat, but food abuse might! Choose seasonal foods you aren’t likely to eat during the rest of the year — eliminate those commonly available. For example, choose squash pudding instead of eating bread with butter.

3) Politely push away and know your limits: Handle well-intentioned hosts who continually offer more food by showering them with compliments and appreciation. And kindly refusing to overindulge. If they are insulted by your refusal to overeat, recognize that it is their problem to cope with.

4) Be active: Continue to exercise by adapting to the season. Dress in layers with a hat, remembering that outdoor activity warms you up quickly. Try a family activity or work out inside, run up and down stairs, or sneak away to the gym, even for 20 minutes!

5) Compensate: Minimize calories throughout the day or week by having low calorie nutrition bars or a glass of a low calorie nutritional drink. Be sure to drink your water, by doing this before going to events can help you avoid being ravenous and maximize control of your hunger.

6) Find support: Holiday stress is as common as holiday blues. The holidays can emphasize feelings of isolation and loneliness — which can cause us to eat to deal with the pain — and leads to fattening results. Try to become your own best friend by soothing yourself with kind words, instead of beating yourself up for not meeting increased demands. Or find support from friends or express your emotions through journal writing.  There are blogs and places like where you can find others who are dealing with the same things you are!  They have been very useful to me as well TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly).

Remember, deprivation as well as over-indulgence can sabotage any reasonable plan, so enjoy responsibly. Happy Holidays!

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